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Google Debit Card Revealed In Leaked Images
When Apple launched their own physical credit card, the Apple Card, there was no doubt that some eyebrows were raised. It was an interesting move by the company who seemed to be diving deeper into fintech. It turns out that Apple will not be alone in their endeavors because according to leaked images obtained by TechCrunch, Google could be following suit.

The Salvation Army’s Famous Donation Kettle Now Supports Apple Pay And Google Pay
If you’ve ever walked past someone representing the Salvation Army, there’s a good chance you might have seen them rely on their iconic red kettle in which you can drop in cash that will be used towards donations. This has been a tradition for over 100 years now, and it looks like it is about to get a modern and hi-tech makeover.

Google Pay Is Coming To New York's MTA
Google has been working with transit agencies across the globe to bring Google Pay support and make it easier for users to pay for their public transit journeys. New York City is now joining that list. The city’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority is going to enable the “pay per ride” feature for phones starting May 31st as part of a public pilot at select subway stations and Staten Island buses.

Apple And Google Pay Now Accepted By The UK Government For Select Services
Apple and Google Pay users in the United Kingdom can now pay their government for four services using their preferred mobile payments service. The government has started accepting the services as a payment option for four services at this point in time. It may expand the support to additional services down the road as well.


Google Pay Can Automatically Import Tickets From Gmail Now
Google Pay now offers enhanced integration with Gmail to make life easier for users. It can automatically import loyalty cards, tickets, and offers from users’ Gmail account. This would just make it easier for users to utilize the offers they have already received, not that they will be receiving any more offers other than the ones they have already received.

eBay Picks Up Google Pay Support Next Month
You pretty much only had one payment option when purchasing something from eBay in the past: PayPal. However, things have changed since PayPal starting using a new payment backend that’s powered by Adyen. This allowed eBay to bring support for Apple Pay to its iOS app and the company has now announced that it will support Google Pay on Android and its desktop site starting early next month.

7-Eleven Will Now Support Apple Pay & Google Pay
Mobile payments are expected to be one of the standards of payments in the future. After all there are countries and societies around the world that are trying to go the cashless route, and since we have our phones on us most of the time, it makes sense to use them for payments in place of cash or even cards.

Starbucks Cards On Android Can Now Be Reloaded Using Google Pay
If you buy your coffee at Starbucks often and don’t like to use cash and would prefer the convenience of mobile payments, you’ll be pleased to learn that the Starbucks app for Android has recently been updated to version 4.1.1 where it will now support users reloading the card using Google Pay.

Google Pay Gets Suica And WAON Support In Japan
Google launched Android Pay in Japan back in 2016 and the company focused on creating a unique mobile checkout experience that was tailored to customers in the country. Google has improved the way customers pay using their mobile devices significantly since then and has also rebranded those efforts under the single Google Pay brand. Starting today, Google Pay users in Japan will find that it’s much easier to checkout online, […]

Google Pay Will Soon Get Boarding Passes And Tickets
There were indications recently that airline and event tickets will soon be available in Google Pay and the company officially confirmed during its Google Pay session at the I/O 2018 developers conference that users will soon be able to access boarding passes and event tickets inside the app. Google announced this feature in partnership with Urban Airship, the partnership will enable Google Pay users to easily access tickets for flights […]

Google Pay Is Now Rolling Out For The Web & iOS Devices
One of the features of Apple Pay is the ability for users to pay via their smartphones, Apple Watch, and also via the web. This means that users can use Apple Pay to facilitate their web purchases as long as the site supports it. The good news is that if you’re not an Apple Pay user but a Google Pay user, that functionality is now available to you guys as […]

How To Use Google Pay
A new form of payment has managed to find its way into the mainstream: smartphones. Both major smartphone manufacturers, Apple and Samsung, have developed their very own ‘smart pay’ apps, called Apple Pay and Samsung Pay respectively. Google’s counterpart is Google Pay.

Google Pay Referral Program Lets You Earn Up To $100 In Credit
With so many mobile payment services available at the moment, how does one choose which service to use? Some might do it out of loyalty, others might do it because it is more widely accepted, or in the case of Google Pay, it seems like Google is tempting users with referral program.

Google Assistant Now Lets You Send And Receive Money
Google Assistant can do a great many things and now it can help you send and receive money just with voice commands. Google has updated its artificial intelligence-powered assistant with Google Pay integration, enabling users to send and receive money effortlessly using voice commands. Don’t fret if you’ve never heard of Google Pay before, it’s just the new moniker that the company gave Android Pay not too long ago when […]