Quite a few people still use Skype even though there are a lot of other cross-platform communication apps that have become much more popular. Many Skype users continue to use it because it’s something that they’ve grown used to while others use it for business purposes. Either way, both type of users will not appreciate that there’s a bug in the Skype for Android app which seems to be answering calls for some users automatically.

One can understandably be worried that this bug might leave them open for some embarrassing encounters. Nobody wants a video call to be answered automatically, at least not until they have had time to sort out themselves or their surroundings to avoid any unfortunate circumstances.

There’s a setting in the Skype for Android app called “Answer incoming calls automatically.” It’s turned off by default but can be enabled for users who don’t mind calls to be answered automatically. The users who have faced this issue say that switching this toggle on and off does nothing to prevent calls from being answered on their own.

Microsoft has mentioned on its official forums that it’s working on a fix for this issue. Forum members add that the latest Skype preview app does take care of this issue so the fix should be rolling out in the not too distant future for everyone.

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