There has been a lot of focus on game streaming services which would enable players to stream console-level titles on even their mobile devices since all of the heavy lifting would be done in the cloud. Google and Microsoft are both working on such services. Sony feels that it’s necessary to follow up the PlayStation 4 Pro with new hardware and it has now confirmed a few details about the PlayStation 5.

Sony company president Kenichiro Yoshida has said that it’s important to have “next-generation hardware” after the PlayStation 4 Pro, which basically means there’s going to be a PlayStation 5. System architect Mark Cerny confirmed to Wired that the new console is going to have a third-generation AMD Ryzen CPU under the hood with eight cores built on the company’s 7nm Zen 2 microarchitecture.

There will also be a custom GPU that’s based on AMD’s Radeon Navi series with support for ray-tracing. It’s a kind of advanced lighting technique that’s largely limited to high-end gaming PCs right now. There will also be some kind of immersive 3D audio support. It has been confirmed that the new console will have support for 8K graphics and will ship with an SSD which will improve rendering speeds and reduce load times.

Since the architecture will be similar to the PS4, it will be backwards-compatible with PS4 games and will have support for the PlayStation VR headset. Sony hasn’t confirmed, though, if it will really be called the PlayStation 5 but that’s what most people would put their money on. Sony isn’t attending E3 so it’s unclear at this point in time precisely when it intends to unveil its next-generation hardware.

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