sony ps vr aim controllerWith virtual reality being such an immersive technology, it is important the controllers of the device are well-tuned, meaning that it should respond with relatively no lag and how you move in real-life should represent how you move in the game. Imagine a set of controllers where lifting your arm slightly results in you swinging your arms wildly in the game, probably not a good idea, right?

Now for those who are looking forward to enjoying FPS titles in virtual reality, you will be pleased to learn that Sony has announced an accessory for the PlayStation VR called the PS VR Aim Controller. This is basically a gun-like controller and while we’ve seen gun controllers before, Sony is boasting 1:1 tracking.

What does this mean? This means that how you hold and where you point the controller in real-life will be where the gun is pointed at in the game. This gun was announced alongside a new FPS title called Farpoint and according to the game’s developer Impulse Gear, this will result in an FPS game unlike no other.

Presumably the accessory will also be compatible with future titles, but for now it looks like Farpoint is one of the games that we know it will be compatible with. Unfortunately there is no word on how much the accessory will cost, but hopefully it won’t be too expensive.

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