Many are no doubt already missing Google’s Inbox by Gmail platform, the email platform from Google that was smart enough to label, organize, and sort your emails without any input from your end. It also came with other nifty features like the ability to snooze emails so that you could get to them at a later date without forgetting about it.


However, there is some good news because the developers behind the Spark email app have announced that the app is now launching on Android. Spark was previously only available on iOS devices, but it looks like it is now finding its way to Android handsets where some of the features of the app should offer up an Inbox-like experience for Android users.

Some of Spark’s features include smart notifications, where the app will only notify users of new email from someone it deems to be “important” to you. This means that you won’t get notified all the time whenever an email comes in, thus alerting you only when it thinks there is an email that you should tend to.

It can also focus on emails that are important by putting them at the top, and also gives users the ability to batch-delete other emails, such as newsletters, deals, and so on. While it won’t be a 100% replica of Inbox in terms of features, if you were looking for a smarter email app, it could be worth checking out. The app is free to download via the Google Play Store but there will also be additional features that can be unlocked by paying money.

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