Like any popular social media platform, Twitter also has to deal with scammers who try and find a way around its systems to make a quick buck on the platform. The company has unveiled a new measure against spammers which involves limiting the number of people you can follow in a single day. It previously allowed users to follow up to 1000 accounts in a single day.


No reasonable Twitter user would have a need to follow 1000 accounts in a single day so that limit made sense. Twitter is bringing it down substantially to just 400. That’s the number of new accounts that a Twitter user can now follow in a single day.

Twitter says that it’s taking this step to clamp down on “follower churn.” That’s a tactic spammers user, following and then unfollowing a large number of people in hopes of improving their own follower count.

In that case, even the earlier 1000 account limit was too easy for scammers since it really didn’t restrict them. Even with the 400 limit now, the average user shouldn’t see much of an impact, since most of them aren’t going around following 400 new accounts every single day. Some might argue that this is still too high a limit and that it should be reduced even further. Twitter has shown no inclination of making that happen.

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