Whenever you order something online, you are usually given some kind of tracking information where you can keep an eye on the delivery status, like where and when it might be coming. Such features are pretty common, although in an update to Uber Eats, the company has announced that they will be introducing an improved form of order tracking.


According to Uber Eats, “By the time you place a delivery order, you’re already hungry. Minutes can feel like an eternity when your appetite’s involved. So we’ve revamped our tracking technology to share the latest on your order from its confirmation and preparation through the courier’s route to the restaurant, order pickup and delivery to your door. “

“We’re also making information more easily accessible so you’re up to speed on what’s happening with your meal from the moment you hit ‘order’ to the second it’s in your hands.” In addition to better order tracking, Uber has also announced that they will provide users with additional information in the event an order gets delayed or cancelled, and will let users reach out to Uber’s delivery partners before they pick up their order.

These changes should already be rolling out as we speak, so do keep an eye out for them, especially if you use the app quite a lot.

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