If you’ve ever plugged a USB flash drive into Windows before and unplugged it, you might have gotten the warning message that you should probably use the “Safely remove” feature to eject your hard drive. This is due to concerns that removing it suddenly could somehow corrupt the data or cause errors as the drive could still be in use.

It made sense, although it was also a bit annoying at times. However, it seems that Microsoft will no longer require users to “safely remove” USB flash drives in Windows 10. This is according to a support document on Microsoft’s website in which Microsoft details how to take advantage of the feature known as “Quick removal”.

According to Microsoft, “This policy manages storage operations in a manner that keeps the device ready to remove at any time. You can remove the device without using the Safely Remove Hardware process. However, to do this, Windows cannot cache disk write operations. This may degrade system performance.”

Microsoft notes that all USB drives attached to the computer in Windows 10 will be set as “Quick removal” by default, but users can go to their drive’s Properties and change it to “Better performance” if they prefer the older method.

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