Whenever a software update is released, it is usually up to the user to decide when they want to install it. This is because sometimes updates aren’t always perfect and that they could actually end up breaking things instead of fixing them, such as was the case with a previous Windows 10 update that resulted in Microsoft actually encouraging users to uninstall it.


For those who aren’t a fan of Microsoft’s aggressive approach when it comes to updates, you might be pleased to learn that in the upcoming Windows 10 May update, it looks like Microsoft will be giving users back more control over how their updates are managed. This means that users can choose when to install the latest updates to the operating system.

It also means that users who’d rather not install the latest updates, can still go ahead and receive their monthly security updates without adding new features to their operating system. Why anyone would want to miss out on new features is anyone’s guess, but at the very least Microsoft is giving users the option to do so if they want.

It will also come with smart features that will know when you’re using your PC so that you don’t get bugged with update notifications, and also the ability to pause feature and monthly updates for up to 35 days.

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