Adobe has more or less fully transitioned to a subscription-based service, where to gain access to its software, customers will need to pay a monthly subscription. Now, there are several plans to choose from depending on your needs, such as the Photography plan in which the cheapest option comes at $10 a month.

Sure, it adds up to around $120 a year, but if you’re a photographer who uses Lightroom and Photoshop very often, it might make it worthwhile. Unfortunately, it seems that the plan could eventually be dropped in favor of the more expensive $20 option. This was initially discovered by PetaPixel who found that the $10 plan had been removed and that the only option left was for the $20 plan.

What’s odd is that this doesn’t seem to affect all customers and that there are some who can still see and purchase the $10 plan. According to Adobe, they are “testing” out offering different plans to customers. This suggests that it could eventually come back, although we don’t see why it would since forcing customers to pay $20 a month instead of $10 would essentially double their revenue.

Now the good news is that Adobe claims that the $10 plan has not been removed. It can still be accessed through this link, it’s just no longer displayed on the company’s main website. Alternatively, if you live in the US, you can call Adobe Sales (866-493-4989) and request for the $10/month plan. We imagine that the difficulty of accessing this plan could be an indication that the company could either try to phase it out, or maybe make it less obvious so that customers will purchase its $20/month plan instead.

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