As one of the conditions of T-Mobile and Sprint’s merger to be approved, they would need to sell off one of their subsidiaries, Boost Mobile (currently owned by T-Mobile). It was previously unclear as to who might be interested in acquiring the company, but if a recent report from Reuters is accurate, it seems that it might be none other than Amazon.

The report claims that Amazon is interested in taking Boost Mobile off T-Mobile’s hands because it seems that by doing so, it would allow them to stay on T-Mobile’s network for at least six years. The company is also reportedly interested in seeing if any of the wireless spectrum could be divested, although what Amazon might want to do with it remains to be seen.

In the past, we have seen Amazon express interest in mobile where the company has attempted to create their own mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones. While the Amazon Fire tablets were pretty well-received, the same cannot be said for their smartphone. Perhaps by acquiring Boost Mobile, it would allow Amazon to expand their reach into the mobile space in a different sort of way.

As it stands, there several conditions that T-Mobile and Sprint need to meet in order for the US Department of Justice to sign off on this merger. One of those conditions is that they would need to help lay the groundwork that would allow a competitor to fill their spot, and it seems that Amazon potentially acquiring Boost Mobile could be one way to approach it.

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