Mobile gaming is a big thing and as such, it’s not surprising that more content creators could be focused on creating videos dedicated to mobile games. However, there is the question of how does one successfully capture audio from your mobile game? There are screen recording apps out there, but for the most part, they can’t capture audio.

Instead, users will need to use some kind of external recording device which makes the entire process a bit more complicated than it has to. However, the good news is that according to a report from XDA Developers, they have discovered that in Android Q, it will come with APIs that will let third-party apps record audio from other apps.

This means that in theory, screen recording apps will soon be able to capture audio as well, which should improve audio quality and overall ease of use. We understand that this might raise some privacy concerns, but according to Google, it seems that apps that want to take advantage of this API need to meet certain requirements, which should limit how the API is used and could help prevent it from being potentially abused.

The other issue as highlighted by XDA is that apps will need to be updated with the API in order for it to work, which means that there might be some games that don’t support audio capture right out of the gate.

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