Google Lens was introduced back in 2017. It can simply be described as a real-life reverse image search where users rely on their handset’s camera to identify objects in real life. Lens enables them to learn more about the things around them. It’s particularly useful for translating languages you don’t know and if like me you can’t read Japanese, you’re going to like the fact that Google Lens now has support for Japanese.


Google Goggles users will recognize some of the same functionality here. Lens is essentially a successor to that service and it’s quite good at what it’s supposed to do. The feature uses the camera to gather contextual information on what the user is looking at and then allows the user to take a variety of actions.

The company has updated this feature with support for Japanese. So the next time you’re in Japan and can’t quite understand what that street sign says, just whip out your smartphone and use Lens. You can already do something similar with Bixby Vision on select Samsung photos since the text is run through Google Translate in that feature as well.

Those who are in Japan or have their phone set to Japanese can now try out the added support for this language. Lens is available through Google Assistant.

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