To pay for Android apps, users have the option to use their credit or debit cards, Play Store credit via gift cards, or in some cases, some carriers even support carrier billing where your purchases will be charged to your carrier bill. However, it seems that Google will soon start to accept cash.


Wait, how does one send cash to Google, you ask? During Google I/O 2019, the company announced that soon Google will accept what they are calling “pending transactions”. The idea is that you will be able to buy an app from the Play Store and then pay for it using cash at somewhere like a convenient store. Once the transaction has been completed, the user should within the next 10 minutes receive their purchase along with proof of payment.

Now, this might seem like a rather inconvenient way of making purchases, but it is part of Google’s way to encourage users to purchase apps. The company has noticed that in emerging markets, users tend to gravitate towards free-to-play apps or ad-support apps due to lack of access to credit cards.

By making it easier to pay for apps, they’re hoping that more users in these markets will be willing to drop cash for their apps. At the moment the feature is still in early access, but Google claims that early access partners are now seeing an increase of 34% in paid subscribers.

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