The beauty of poetry is that it can be interpreted in many different ways, where depending on your outlook, poems could be read in a happy voice, sad voice, or angry voice. However, if you’ve always wanted a poem that was created specifically for you, Google is here to help with the use of AI.

Dubbed POEMPORTAIT, this involves users submitting (or “donating” as Google calls it) a word and a selfie, and from there an AI will use  an algorithm to create a piece of poetry that is uniquely yours. Of course, whether or not this makes sense to you is up to your interpretation of it, but it does seem like a fun little project.

According to artist and designer Es Devlin who helped create the project in a collaboration with collaborated with Google Arts & Culture Lab and Ross Goodwin, “Each word you donate will be expanded into original lines of poetry by an algorithm that’s trained on millions of words of nineteenth century poetry. You’ll then receive a unique POEMPORTRAIT of your face, illuminated by your original lines of poetry. All of the lines of poetry are then combined to form an ever-evolving, collective poem.”

So, if you’re looking for a brand new profile photo, this could be a fun way to go about getting one. All you’d have to do is head on over to the POEMPORTRAIT website to get started.

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