LG has announced that it has developed its very own artificial intelligence chip which will be used to make its smart home products even smarter. The chip, it says, has a proprietary LG Neural Engine which better enables it to mimic the neural network of the human brain. This will greatly improve the processing of deep learning algorithms, LG claims.

LG’s new AI processor with its Neural Engine has been designed for use in different smart home products such as robot vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, and washing machines. On-device processing makes it capable of operating without an internet connection while it also has a “separate hardware-implemented security zone” for storing personal data.

Processing which doesn’t require high security has been designed to run in a general zone while jobs which require higher security will only be run in the secure zone. This should, at least in theory, prevent the personal data from being exposed in external hacking attempts.

The chip is capable of better recognizing and distinguishing space, location, objects, and users by incorporating visual intelligence. Voice intelligence enables it to accurately recognize voice and noise characteristics.

The company says that its new AI chip will be included in future air conditioners, robot vacuum cleaners, washing machines, and other smart home products.

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