There are benefits to using facial recognition technology, but it is clear that using it in a public space can make people feel uncomfortable as it does come across as being an invasion of their privacy. This is why there are some cities in the world, such as San Francisco, that have banned the use of the tech in public spaces.

However, over in London it is a different story where police have been trialing the deployment of facial recognition technology. Unsurprisingly, not everyone is thrilled by it and during the trial, it seems that at least one man was arrested for trying to cover his face while walking by the facial recognition cameras.

In a report from The Independent, one witness described how the man pull up the top of his jumper over the bottom of his face and walked past. There was nothing suspicious about his actions other than simply trying to cover his face and maintain his privacy, but it seems that police weren’t too happy with his actions and followed him and pulled him to the side and requested for his identification.

The man was not happy about this and got angry, resulting in his arrest on a charge of public disorder and being hit with a £90 fine. According to a police spokesperson, “Officers stopped a man who was seen acting suspiciously in Romford town centre during the deployment of the live facial recognition technology. After being stopped the man became aggressive and made threats towards officers. He was issued with a penalty notice for disorder as a result.”

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