It is said that despite all the dirty business we do in our toilets, our keyboards are actually much filthier. This is because our hands touch all kinds of things before touching our keyboards, and you know what, the same could potentially be said for music equipment as well, although, in the case of Eliot Curtis, it played out a little differently.


Curtis, a Broadcast Operations Manager at the KPIX 5 CBS affiliate in San Francisco, had volunteered to help restore a Buchla Model 100 modular synthesizer owned by Cal State University. The synth was originally purchased in the 60s, but over the decades it fell out of use, leading it to eventually breaking down and put in the corner to collect dust.

However, little did Curtis know that whoever had previously used the synth might have been taking drugs as well. This is because, during the restoration process, Curtis discovered a crystal-like substance on one of the knobs which he then attempted to dissolve and rub off using his finger.

It turned out that maybe he should have worn gloves because he soon felt a tingling sensation in his fingers before he embarked on a 9-hour long acid trip. Separate chemical tests later found that the substance he touched was none other than LSD, which not only can last for decades but can also be absorbed through the skin.

Curtis has since survived his acid trip and actually went back to finish the restoration, except that this time around, he decided to wear a pair of gloves.

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