Image credit – Miysis Studio

Last month, a huge fire broke out at the historic Notre Dame Cathedral where some parts of the building was destroyed by the flames. It is now undergoing the process of being rebuilt, thanks to the use of 3D scans which has given the rebuilders some direction on what kind of work needs to be done.

We imagine that for the most part, the rebuilding will restore the structure back to the way it used to look, but a company by the name of Miysis Studio has come forward with a proposal of their own. This proposal reimagines the roof of the Notre Dame Cathedral built with steel and glass, where it will provide “the right balance between history and future”.

One of the architectural design points of the building is its roof structure also known as the “Forest”. It got the name due to the fact that a lot of wood was used during its construction, and one of the issues trying to rebuild it is that apparently there aren’t enough trees of that size at the moment.

In Miysis Studio’s proposal, they suggest that the use of glass will allow the overall structure to retain its look, thanks to the use of the original proportions, but at the same time offering a slightly futuristic touch. The company’s CEO Denis Stevens told Dezeen, “We propose to reconstruct the original spire while building a new glass roof. We also wanted to mix traditional wood and new materials to find the right balance between history and future.” You can check out the gallery above to see the rest of the concept renders.

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