When it comes to training, nothing beats going into the field and experiencing it first-hand. However, sometimes it’s not always feasible to do so, or it could be expensive as well, which is why we have seen how some companies such as Walmart and Google explore the idea of using virtual reality (VR) to train their employees.


It seems that such a training system is now being used by the NYPD where in a pilot program, it will use VR to train police officers on how to handle active shooters. According to NYPD Counterterrorism Deputy Chief John O’Connell, “It adds another whole component. You can change the scenarios. You don’t need that much space. So we’re taking a good look at.”

NYPD Counterterrorism Officer John Schoppmann adds, “I get more scenarios in, in a much shorter time… you get really immersed. There’s a lot of heart pounding and it’s very realistic.” It is hoped that by using VR to train their officers that it will be more efficient and effective, to the point where it can be used as a training program for police departments nationwide.

There are also the added benefits of the entire training drill being recorded digitally, meaning that data can be gathered and used to provide feedback and improvements. You can watch the video above if you’d like to see what the training drill looks like.

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