It has barely been a month since a Tesla Model S caught fire for no apparent reason in a Shanghai car park. While the results of the investigation into that incident have yet to be made public, there has been a similar incident in Hong Kong. Another Tesla Model S has caught fire while it was in a car park.


According to local media reports, the vehicle started to emit smoke and later burst into flames about half an hour after it was parked. The manner in which the batteries have caught fire appear similar to the Shanghai incident.

This incident took place over the previous weekend and it took nearly 45 minutes to properly extinguish the fire. The firefighters had been called by a security guard who had noticed smoke coming out of the car. The car’s owner told local media that he had charged the Model S at a Tesla Supercharger station that afternoon before leaving it at the car park of his apartment complex. The car wasn’t being charged when it had been parked.

Tesla hasn’t responded to the incident as yet so it’s unclear at this point in time whether the company has dispatched a team to look into it as yet.

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