As many of you might be already aware, Huawei s facing huge disruptions to its business after the US government blacklisted them from doing business with US companies. This is not only a huge deal for Huawei, but also for Huawei customers who could potentially be left with an obsolete device a lot earlier than they would like.


This would also mean that many of them would need to start seeking out alternatives, at least if they don’t want to sit around and wait and see how this plays out. Understanding the plight of Huawei customers, a Chinese restaurant over in Malaysia has announced an offer for its customers, where they can show that they are using a Huawei phone, they will get 20% off their total bill.

According to one of the restaurant’s owners, Angie Taweepan Chantowatha, she felt that what was done to Huawei was unfair. “We feel it’s not fair on consumers because consumers should always have a choice.” Whether or not this promotion is done to help ease the burden of Huawei’s customers or simply as a means to promote the restaurant is unclear, but either way, if you are from Malaysia and live in Kuala Lumpur, you might want to check out Sean & Angie’s next Monday to enjoy a 20% discount off your food bill.

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