When it comes to a camera’s capabilities, there are many factors involved that helps create a high-quality image. For example, the lens of the camera needs to be good, the software used to process the image, and the sensors used by the camera as well. However, it seems that in the future, there is a chance that Sony’s camera sensors could get a boost with AI.

This is based on an overview of Sony’s semiconductor business where Sony talks about how they plan to integrate AI processor directly into its sensor hardware. According to the overview, these sensors seem to be more targeted towards mobile, automotives, and industrial purposes, but as Sony Alpha Rumors points out, there is a chance that this tech could trickle down to Sony’s cameras as well.

In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised either. This is because for the most part, DSLRs and mirrorless cameras haven’t really changed that much over the years. Sure, improvements have been made in terms of their capabilities, but they feel more like an evolution rather than a revolution. Plus, with the camera industry decreasing year-on-year, perhaps something revolutionary such as AI in the sensor could help with that.

Exactly what kind of use we might see for AI in our DSLR or mirrorless cameras remains to be seen, but we imagine that it could be used for more advanced facial recognition, better tracking, maybe even better low-light images, and so on. Whether or not this will happen is anyone’s guess, so don’t hold your breath anytime just yet.

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