Earlier this week, it was reported that SpaceX would be attempting to launch 60 of its Starlink satellites into space this Thursday. This was on the heels of a couple of delays and cancellations due to the weather and last minute checks, but it seems that it has all gone to plan because not only did the Falcon-9 rocket achieve a successful lift-off, but they also successfully deployed the satellites.


This was shared by the SpaceX Twitter account online, and also SpaceX’s CEO Elon Musk who announced that all 60 of its satellites had gone online. For those who are learning about Starlink for the first time, this is an effort by Musk and SpaceX to bring internet to all parts of the world. We had previously seen how companies such as Facebook had explored the idea of using drones, while Google had attempted to do the same but using hot air balloons.

However, with Starlink, what Musk had envision is as many as 12,000 satellites covering our planet in which it would be able to beam internet to all corners of the Earth. The satellites are also expected to rely on solar power to keep itself operational. They are also said to be made from material that would burn up rapidly upon re-entry in our atmosphere, thus reducing the number of debris that would crash into earth when these satellites are decommissioned.

It will probably be a while before actual internet services can be offered through Starlink, but at least the ball has started rolling.

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