One of the problems with the majority of robots today is that they can come across feeling “cold”. This is due to the use of materials, where robots are generally made out of metal. It makes sense to do so, as metal is durable which means that these robots are more sturdy and durable.

However, it can sometimes make certain tasks a bit more difficult, which is why the concept of “soft” robots has been of interest. Recently, it appears that researchers at Harvard have developed a soft robot that can be powered by pressurized air. Soft robots aren’t new, but one of the differences in Harvard’s creation is that it is simpler in its operations compared to other soft robots.

Other soft robots tend to be more complex and involve a lot of wires, but due to this particular design powered by pressurized air, it has resulted in a more simpler design. The air will be pumped through tubes in the robot’s legs. The tubes are made of different sizes which helps to determine how they will react to the air, so by controlling the air and sending it down the right tubes, the researchers can make it more.

Such a design makes it ideal for certain tasks where the robot does not need to be tethered, such as in space or search and rescue. Its relatively simple nature also means that it will be less costly when it comes to producing them and replacing them.

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