Apple eventually embraced OLED displays for the iPhone a couple of years ago and many have wondered since if the company would bring OLED displays to some of its other products as well. A new report from South Korea suggests that Apple might be thinking about sourcing OLED display panels for products like tablets and notebooks.

Apple has been sourcing OLED displays for the iPhone from Samsung Display. The report mentions that Apple hasn’t bought as many OLED panels for the iPhone as it had said it would. Samsung Display now wants Apple to pay a penalty for that but Apple is giving it a second option.

The report from South Korea claims that instead of paying the penalty to the company, Apple has instead offered to buy OLED panels for products like tablets and notebooks. If this does end up happening, it would suggest that the company plans on introducing OLED displays to the iPad and MacBook lineups.

It’s pertinent to note here that the report claims that this is one of the options that the two companies are considering to settle their differences over the penalty. Whether or not this actually ends up happening is another matter altogether. There haven’t been any rumors about Apple working on an OLED-based iPad or MacBook at this point in time.

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