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Apple May Bring OLED Displays To Tablets And MacBooks
Apple eventually embraced OLED displays for the iPhone a couple of years ago and many have wondered since if the company would bring OLED displays to some of its other products as well. A new report from South Korea suggests that Apple might be thinking about sourcing OLED display panels for products like tablets and notebooks.

2018 iPhone OLED Screens May Be Produced Starting Next Month
It hasn’t been long since Apple launched new iPhones in the fall last year, particularly the iPhone X, which came a bit later than the usual release timeframe for new iPhones. It’s the first Apple smartphone with an OLED display and the panel was supplied by Samsung given that it’s the only company that could manufacture the panels that Apple wanted in the volume that it desired. According to a […]

LG Didn't Supply Any iPhone X Displays This Year
Even before the iPhone X had been officially announced, multiple reports suggested that Apple would source OLED display panels for the handset from Samsung and LG. Samsung has a strong position in the mobile OLED panel market so the bulk of the orders were expected to land in its lap with LG filling the rest. LG has now confirmed that it didn’t supply a single iPhone X OLED display panel […]

LG Investing In OLED Production Significantly To Win iPhone Orders
LG has long supplied display panels for the iPhone but now that Apple is believed to be shifting to OLED panels with the iPhone 8, LG won’t be able to meet its demand for the panels. Samsung has a near monopoly in the small to medium-sized OLED panel market as it currently accounts for over 90 percent of the world’s total OLED supply. Apple will obviously have to source the […]


LG OLED Production Being Ramped Up To Meet Demand
Samsung essentially has a monopoly on the small OLED display market. It supplies the bulk of the panels for smartphones with OLED displays. LG sees huge potential in this industry which is why the company is reportedly setting up a new plant to ramp up OLED production. LG will reportedly be investing 4 trillion won or $3.5 billion in this project.

Apple Reportedly Wants LG To Enter Smartphone OLED Business
Samsung has a virtual monopoly in the smartphone OLED market which is one of the reasons why it’s believed to be the main supplier of OLED displays for Apple’s iPhone 8 that’s due this year. A new report suggests that Apple is pushing LG to enter the smartphone OLED supply business so that it can diversify its supply chain and reduce its reliance on Samsung for the 2018 iPhone.

Sharp CEO May Have Confirmed Next iPhone's OLED Display
We’ve been hearing rumors for a few years now that Apple is going to shift to OLED displays for the iPhone but the company hasn’t done that yet. Recent rumors suggest that next year’s model, which will also be a commemoration of the iPhone’s tenth anniversary, is going to feature an OLED display. The newly appointed Sharp CEO Tai Jeng-wu appears to have confirmed rumors that the next-generation iPhone is […]

Haier Unveils 105” LED and 55” OLED Curved TVs
The leading Korean manufacturers have been introducing curved TVs for some time now, LG being the first one to create such a home entertainment device back in January 2013. Today at CES 2015, the chinese brand Haier is announcing its own 105” curved LED TV and 55” curved OLED TV, we have not seen them yet but we will make sure to stop by the booth to check the image […]

OLED display with built-in solar cells
Smartphones have evolved in a way where they now come with larger and brighter displays, sporting ever higher resolutions – and all of that performance means one thing as well, which is a faster depletion of the handset’s battery life. Well, what if there is a way which helps offset the amount of juice consumed by the smartphone’s display? Arman Ahnood, a researcher at the London Centre for Nanotechnology, explained […]

Toshiba flexible OLED display spotted
We have seen Toshiba’s potential Retina Display challenger earlier in the week, and now we have yet another display from Toshiba to keep your visual senses occupied – we are talking about a flexible OLED display that measures 3″ across diagonally, but is a mere 0.1mm thin – now that is super slim no matter which way you look at it! Of course, the good news does not stop there […]

Chlorine added for cheaper and more efficient OLEDs
Who would have thought that the solution for cheaper and more efficient OLEDs would come in the form of adding some chlorine? At least, that is the gist of the idea thanks to a team of researchers from the University of Toronto. Their newly developed technique involves the production of OLED devices that is touted to accelerate the adoption of OLED technology into mainstream flat-panel displays as well as numerous […]

ROHM OLED micro-display
[CEATEC 2010] OLED displays are just about to get into devices like camcorders, thanks to this micro-display. Such displays using LCD or even DLP (for different applications) are common, but OLED one might be just about to take over. Among the key advantages we can think of, OLED should use a few less layers, and probably generate less heat. We’re not even talking about image quality advantages like better contrast […]

Carl Zeiss Cinemizer receives OLED technology
Carl Zeiss’ Cinemizer head-mounted display has received a hardware upgrade in the form of OLED displays inside, which should further increase the image quality whenever you place them in front of your eyes. There is one major drawback about the Cinemizer though – we’re talking about 640 x 480 resolution (VGA) which is by far and large not enough in this day and age. On the other hand, this model […]

NHK shows off flexible OLED panel
NHK has shown off its latest flexible OLED panel that is driven by organic TFTs at OpenHouse 2010 that is currently happening in Tokyo over the entire weekend. Compared to its predecessor which was exhibited last year, this model boasts an improved resolution of up to four times – a vast improvement, but an expected one given the rate that technology progresses. Measuring all of 5″ across diagonally, this flexible […]

LG Display invests $226 million as it triples OLED capacity
LG Display knows that OLED is the way to go forward, and has hence thrown their lot by investing $226 million into its OLED production facilities in order to triple output. As at press time, the production line is being built, with a planned activation ready and waiting to occur sometime in Q3 this year, which means the cash infusion will probably bear fruit sometime in the second half of […]

Kateeva working on cheaper OLED displays
Kateeva is currently working on developing a cheaper range of OLED displays, using a new system that prints such displays instead. Apparently, Kateeva’s manufacturing process has proved to print 1.8-meter by 1.5-meter OLED displays, using up only 60% of what current methods do. Unfortunately for us, this doesn’t mean we will be able to enjoy dirt cheap OLED displays almost immediately, or even in the near future, as it has […]

Mitsubishi parades really large OLED display
So the rumored Apple tablet will purportedly come with an OLED display, although there are quarters who have a counterpoint in claiming Samsung has more than enough on their hands to be able to fulfill Apple’s demands, but Mitsubishi takes the cake where OLED display size is concerned with a new OLED concept which comprises of 10cm x 10cm square units, measuring a diagonal length of 149″. Yes sir, that […]

OLED digital displays could revolutionize cardboard gaming
Traditional board games are currently on the uptrend as they take the digital step from the tabletop to desktop, but researchers from Canada’s Queen’s University want to go one step further by introducing OLED display technology which transforms individual once-cardboard pieces into a graphics-saturated mini-display, bringing together the tangible aspects of board games alongside software-generated action that is normally found in strategy games including World of Warcraft. These cardboard tiles […]

Cadillac XTS Platinum concept has OLED display
Want to purchase a new set of wheels that will blow your budget by another few grand? Simple, just pick up one that uses an OLED display and you’ll meet with an inflated price tag, instantly. That’s what the Cadillac XTS Platinum concept offers – an OLED display for gauges as well as the center stack controls and infotainment systems. Folks sitting behind won’t be that priviledged though since they […]

Transparent 15-inch OLED display by LG
LG has demonstrated a 15″ transparent OLED display prototype. While using these displays on personal computers doesn’t seem so great, imagine what transparent displays can let one build, especially in retail spaces, architecture or even heads-up displays in vehicles, helmets and so on. With a light transmittance of “only” 30%, I’m tempted to call this “translucent” rather than “transparent”, but you get the idea. Samsung has a similar technology, although […]