Do the in-app notification dots in the Facebook app cause you unnecessary anxiety? They appear in the Watch, Groups, and other tabs in the app. There’s some good news if you’ve been wanting to get rid of them. Facebook is conducting a new test which allows users to disable the in-app notification dots.

This hasn’t been possible previously. If you wanted to get rid of the dots, you’d have to manually open each of the tabs in order to get rid of the notification badges. As previously mentioned, this caused unnecessary anxiety for users as it felt that everything in the app was demanding their constant attention.

“It’s related to the work we’re doing with the well-being team. We’re thinking about how people spend their time in the app and making sure that it’s time well spent,” a spokesperson for Facebook told TechCrunch.

The ability to turn off the notification dots is now being publically tested. Facebook has confirmed to the scribe that this is a global test for a subset of users on both iOS and Android. “We are testing new ways to give people more control over the notifications they receive in the Facebook app,” the spokesperson for the social network adds.

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