Due to the ongoing legal troubles that Huawei is experiencing in the US, the company will most likely need to start finding an alternative operating system for its smartphones. We had heard rumors that the company could be working on their own OS, but according to new reports, it seems that the company could actually turn to the use of a different but existing OS.

According to the rumors, it seems that Huawei could actually be considering using Sailfish OS instead of its own operating system. It is unclear why Huawei might use Sailfish instead of its own platform, but it is possible that it could because it is already fully developed, and we have no idea how far along Huawei’s own operating system could be.

The report suggests that it might not be full-on Sailfish OS, but rather a fork of it called Aurora OS. Huawei’s CEO Guo Ping had previously discussed that possibility, which has led to this speculation. For those who are unfamiliar, Sailfish OS was launched several years ago. It was the evolution of the MeeGo platform jointly developed by Nokia and Intel back in the day.

It was meant to provide users with an alternative platform to Android, with one of its selling points being that it had some compatibility with Android apps, making it easier for developers. The platform is still very much alive and well, although admittedly it isn’t as widely-used as its creators had hoped for.

Huawei does command a significant market share as far as smartphones are concerned, and if they were to use Sailfish, or a forked version, it could help the platform grow in a very big way, but take it with a grain of salt for now.

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