video editing iOS 13Several years ago, Apple introduced some changes to its iOS platform where it brought enhanced editing tools for photos. This meant that instead of merely letting users crop and rotate images, users could make more adjustments without having to turn to the need of a third-party app.

Unfortunately, the same cannot necessarily be said when it comes to editing videos, but there is some good news. With the upcoming release of iOS 13, one of the new features Apple will be introducing to the platform comes in the form of video editing. This means that instead of users having to turn to third-party apps, they can make some quick and easy edits within iOS 13 itself.

However, we should note that for the most part, the edits will be fairly basic. Users will be able to do things like trim the length of the video and mute its audio. Users will also be able to crop it, add filters, and make small adjustments to its color and contrast. It will not be as full-fledged compared to using a more dedicated editing app, but if these are adjustments that you usually need to make, then it should be good enough.

iOS 13 will be released in the coming months so if video editing is something you were hoping to see, then this will be a feature you can look forward to soon.

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