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iOS 14 Adoption Is Quickly Outpacing iOS 13
Apple made a surprising announcement last week when they revealed that iOS 14 would be released the next day after the announcement itself. This is of course great news for iPhone and iPad users who might have been looking forward to some of the new features and changes to the platform.

Latest iOS Update Seems To A Battery Killer
When Apple launched the iPhone 11 back in 2019, the company actually surprised many when it was discovered that one of the main improvements was a larger battery that offered considerably longer battery life over its predecessors. However, the same cannot be said for Apple’s software updates.

iOS 13.6 Will Let Users Turn Off Automatic Update Downloads
One of the things that Apple does for its iOS updates is that it will download the update in the background. Once it’s downloaded, all users need to do is update their device. Because it is downloaded in the background, users won’t know and won’t necessarily have to wait for it to complete, making the update process easier.

iOS 14 Will Support All Devices That Run iOS 13
With every iOS update, Apple introduces improvements to the operating system along with a bunch of new features. Clearly users do not want to miss out on this, and the good news is that if you own a device that is capable of running iOS 13, it seems that you will also be eligible for the iOS 14 update.


iOS 13.5 Will Automatically Share User Medical Information During Emergency Calls
Sometimes during a medical emergency, you might not have the time or the capability to provide relevant medical information to first responders, such as allergies to certain medications, history of health issues, what kind of meds you are on, and so on, but Apple is hoping to change that.

iOS 13.5 Makes It Easier To Unlock An iPhone While Wearing A Mask
When Apple first introduced Face ID, they claimed to have worked with mask makers to ensure that even if the person wears a mask similar to the user’s face, it will not cause the phone to unlock. So far, Face ID has been quite successful, but in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, this has created a problem.

iOS 13.4.1 Update Will Fix FaceTime Bug For iPhones And iPads
Communication tools have become more important than ever, where due to the coronavirus outbreak, people are being forced to self-isolate where they are now working and studying from home. This means that being able to chat with your friends and loved ones is crucial, especially in maintaining your mental health.

iOS 13.4 Bug Is Breaking VPN Data Encryption Features
One of the main purposes of using VPNs is to protect your identity and also keeping your data encrypted. However, it seems that due to a bug in iOS 13.4, it looks like the latest update is breaking data encryption for VPNs, essentially rendering them (kind of) useless and defeating the whole point of using them.

Apple Secretly Acknowledges Hotspot Issues With iOS 13
If you own an iOS device like an iPhone or iPad and are facing hotspot issues, such as being unable to connect to a hotspot or experiencing frequent disconnections, know that this isn’t just limited to your device. According to an internal document obtained by MacRumors, Apple is secretly aware of it.

A Port-Free iPhone Could Be Closer Than We Think
The iPhone used to two with two ports: a port for the headphone and a port for the charger. Apple eventually removed the headphone jack, and apparently based on a report from 2018, Apple engineers did toy with the idea of creating a port-free iPhone (although this obviously did not come to pass).

iOS 13.4 Beta Will Let Users Use Their iPhones As Car Keys
Being able to remotely unlock your car using your smartphone isn’t new. We’ve seen this tech used by carmakers such as Hyundai, but now it looks like Apple is interested in creating something of their own, at least that’s what’s being hinted at in the recent release of iOS 13.4 beta.

iOS 14 Will Most Likely Run On All iOS 13 Capable Devices
When it comes to software updates, Apple has generally done a pretty good job at ensuring that as many devices as possible are compatible. If you have an older iOS device and you’re wondering if the upcoming iOS 14 update will be compatible with your device, you might be pleased to learn that there is a good chance that it will.

iOS 13.3.1 To Address iPhone 11 Privacy Issues
Last year there was a bit of controversy surrounding the iPhone 11 when it was discovered that even when users told the phone not to use location services, it would still continue to do so. Apple later offered an explanation in which they said that this was due to the use of the U1 ultra wideband chip that made its debut in the iPhone 11 models.

iOS 13.3 Update Comes With Full Support For Physical Security Keys
There are many ways to help protect your accounts online, such as using a password manager to help you generate and remember complex and strong passwords. However, having an additional layer of security is never a bad idea and if you like the idea of using physical security keys, then iOS 13.3 is an update worth checking out.