iOS 13.2 Beta Is Bricking Some iPad Pro Models

While it might be tempting to download and use a software in beta because you’re too excited and can’t wait to see what kind of new features it might bring to the table, there is a reason why it is in beta, because there are bugs and issues that haven’t been fully flushed out yet. In fact, that’s what some iPad Pro users are finding out for themselves, unfortunately.

How To Turn On Dark Mode In iOS

Dark mode is finally here in iOS 13, but how do you turn it on? Check out our guide for a couple of different ways.

How To Update Apps In iOS 13

In iOS 13, Apple has made some changes to the design of the App Store in which it might not be as obvious anymore when it comes to updating your apps. This guide will show you how to do it.

iOS 13.2 Will Give Users More Privacy Controls Over Siri

A couple of months ago, Apple found themselves in a bit of hot water. For a company that prides themselves on protecting and valuing the privacy of their customers, Apple was found to have shared user recordings with Siri with outside contractors. It was later revealed that Apple would be suspending the program and that they will soon be giving users the option to better control Siri’s privacy settings.


Instagram For iOS Updated With Dark Mode Support

One of the main changes that Apple has brought to iOS 13 is dark mode. While dark mode isn’t a new thing, it seems to be gaining in popularity in the recent years where we’ve started to see more developers introducing dark mode as one of the options that users can choose from. If you’re a fan of dark mode, then you might be interested in Instagram’s latest update.

Spotify Now Supports Siri In The App’s Latest Update

If you use Spotify as your primary music service on your iPhone or iPad, then you might be interested in checking out the latest update to the app. This is because in the latest update to Spotify, the company has finally added support for Siri, which means that you’ll be able to use your voice to control the app and playback.

How To Connect A PS4, Xbox One Controller To An iPhone

If you think that gaming on your iOS device will benefit from using an external controller, check out our guide on how to connect a PS4 or Xbox One controller to your iPhone.

AirPods With Noise Cancellation Hinted At In iOS 13.2 Beta

According to the rumors from 2018, it was suggested that Apple could be working on a set of AirPods with noise cancelling features. More recently, it was also reported that these AirPods could actually be launched by the end of 2019, and now according to a sighting in the iOS 13.2 beta, they could indeed be coming soon.

Apple’s Answer To Google’s Street View Is Now Live In New York City, Los Angeles

One of the defining features of Google Maps is Street View. This allows users to get a look at the area on a street level to try and locate shops and landmarks. However, it seems that Apple is ready to challenge Google with its own answer to Street View, also known as “Look Around”, a new feature in Apple Maps.

iOS 13 Touch ID Bug Could Be Messing Up Banking Apps

There was a point in time where Apple would release iOS updates that were riddled with bugs. Apple later clamped down on this by promising that future updates will have better quality checks, and this was true for a while, but it’s starting to feel like things could be slipping once again.

iOS 13.1.1 Update Released To Address Battery Drain, Keyboard Vulnerability Issues

If you are noticing that following the update to iOS 13 or iOS 13.1 that your device seems like it could be draining battery faster than you expect, you might not be alone, and the good news is that it looks like there is a fix. This is because Apple has recently released the iOS 13.1.1 update that will address that problem amongst other things.

iOS 13 Bug Is Giving Third-Party Keyboards Full Access Even If You Didn’t

For a while now, iOS has allowed users to install third-party keyboards in case the default iOS keyboard wasn’t good enough or functional enough for users. For the most part, these are just keyboards, but there are some that require a bit more permission than others. Users have always been able to choose whether or not to grant those permissions, but now a bug in iOS 13 has taken that […]

iOS 13.1 To Bring Audio Sharing Feature To Beats Headphones

Earlier this year, it was revealed that with the iOS 13 update, Apple will be introducing audio sharing. In case it wasn’t already obvious, audio sharing means that users will be able to listen to the same music on the same device through separate headphones, which unless you’re using a wired headphones with a splitter, would be almost impossible with Bluetooth headphones.

iOS 13.1 Will Bring Processor Throttling To The iPhone XR, iPhone XS

A couple of years ago, Apple got into hot water when it was discovered that the company was secretly throttling the processors on its iPhones. The company claimed that this was done to help manage the performance on older devices, where due to degrading batteries, it would result in unexpected shutdowns, which is why they introduced processor throttling.