The other day at WWDC 2019, Apple announced their next major update to macOS. With this update, there will be a bunch of changes and new features to the operating system, but one of the biggest changes we reckon has to be with iTunes, where Apple has opted to split the software in several components.

This will result in a standalone app for music, TV shows, and podcasts, which will make the experience a lot faster as iTunes does feel kind of bloated. Now since iTunes is available on Windows, does that mean that these changes will affect the Windows version of iTunes as well? Unfortunately, Apple did not seem to commit to any changes to iTunes for Windows.

According to a report from ArsTechnica, Apple has stated that iTunes for Windows will remain as it is for now. The company did not mention if these changes will eventually arrive for iTunes on Windows, but they did state that Windows users can continue to keep using the app the same way as before.

This isn’t too surprising as we imagine that Apple will probably want more users to shift to its macOS platform instead. It is possible that eventually one day Apple will get around to introducing these changes, but for now, Windows users shouldn’t hold their breath.

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