If a new report is to be believed, Microsoft is thinking about adding a dedicated Microsoft Office key to keyboards. It would be used for additional keyboard shortcuts within Office apps, such as the ability to share documents and files quickly. Microsoft has actually been conducting a survey with testers of the Office key to gain feedback on how users might utilize the dedicated key.

It’s also mentioned that Microsoft is thinking about replacing the second Windows key on the right-hand side of the keyboard with the dedicated Office key. It could also opt to replace the dedicated menu key.

The dedicated Windows keys have been present on keyboards for quite some time now. Most keyboards that have the 104 or 105 key layout tend to have the two dedicated Windows keys as well as the menu key.

The survey that it’s conducting requires a work or school Microsoft account to access. It features questions about the shortcuts that the key could be used for and also asks whether the testers would want to see it on laptops.

It can’t be said for sure if that’s really going to happen but the company does appear to be thinking about it seriously. So who knows, it just might.

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