At WWDC 2019, Apple announced iPadOS which was the company giving the iPad the operating system it deserved. It was later discovered that there was evidence to suggest that support for the mouse was part of iPadOS, something that had been rumored about for a while now.

Apple has since confirmed it to be true and speaking to reporter Steven Aquino, it turns out that the company had apparently been working on bringing mouse support to the iPad for years, and that they finally realized it with iPadOS. However, Aquino was quick to point out that support for the mouse is more of an accessibility feature, as opposed to turning the iPad into a productivity device.

It was designed so that users who cannot access a device other than with a pointer-based device, like an accessory, can still use an iPad. Apple has been pretty proud of their accessibility features that they’ve introduced over the years, so this doesn’t really come as a surprise, although we imagine that non-disabled users will probably welcome the changes all the same.

In any case, we should have a better idea to the extent of mouse support once iPadOS is released later in the year, but if you thought that the iPad could have always benefited from mouse input, then this could be worth checking out.

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