The long-running Microsoft Flight Simulator series is getting a new addition. Microsoft confirmed during its E3 2019 press event that it’s going to release a new installment of Flight Simulator. A brief teaser was also shown during the keynote, further adding to the hype surrounding the upcoming release.

Flight Simulator does what the name suggests. It lets you get behind the control of an airplane in an obviously simulated environment. It won’t give you the skills you need to fly an actual airplane but it’s heaps of fun nonetheless. This series has actually been around since the 1980s. The last installment was the 2014 Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition.

The new title that Microsoft teased briefly during its E3 keynote showed some amazing footage that was captured in 4K. It was also revealed that the game is powered by Microsoft’s Azure cloud AI. So the experience here could have been significantly improved from what we remember.

The Microsoft Flight Simulator series has traditionally been limited to PC and even though the new one is mentioned as a part of the Xbox Game Pass program, which now happens to be available for PC as well, Microsoft isn’t ditching the “for PC” tag of this title as yet. It’s going to be a while before the company provides any further details about it.

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