According to the recent rumors, Nintendo could be planning on launching a couple of new Nintendo Switch consoles later this year. One of the models is said to be an upgraded version of the current Switch where it will feature an upgraded version of the NVIDIA Tegra X1 chipset. The other version is said to be a more affordable version of the Switch designed to be portable.

It seems that the existence of the latter console could have been revealed, according to a recent tweet by WickedCoolToys’ CptxAlex. According to the tweet, it seems that he received an email from a Chinese accessory maker who claims to have plans to release new accessories for what they are calling the “Nintendo Switch Mini”.

It is unclear if the images accompanying the email depict the actual console or if they are simply a mockup, but it does lineup with what we have been hearing. According to the rumors, they claim that one of the Switch models launching this year will be focused on being portable where it is designed primarily for handheld gaming and will not be dockable.

We have always wondered about the fate of the Nintendo 3DS ever since the Switch launched, and if the rumors of a Switch Mini are true, it seems like it could be a prime replacement for the 3DS, especially with all the amazing games that were announced for it.

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