Our smartphones these days allow us to make calls over WiFi in addition to using them normally over a cellular connection. However, the downside is that we will either need to have a cellular signal or be connected to the internet, although that is usually not very hard to do in this modern day and age.

However, what if there was an emergency? That’s something that Oppo wants to tackle as the company has taken the wraps off a new protocol they are calling MeshTalk. This protocol will allow users to talk to each other over a distance of 3km outdoors without the need for cellular networks, Bluetooth, or WiFi.

How it works is that the phone will be able to create an ad hoc local area network that will allow devices to talk directly to each other without needing anything else. If this sounds familiar, it is because it sort of similar to walkie-talkie systems that let users communicate with each other over a short distance.

Oppo has also designed it so that it can work with a 72-hour standby mode which means that in the event of an emergency and your phone is low on power, it can still be used. We’re not sure whether or not it will be exclusive to Oppo phones or when the company plans on rolling it out, but it sounds intriguing.

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