Smartphone manufacturers have tried a number of ways to achieve a notchless-display. We have seen solutions which include pop-up mechanisms, rotating sliders, holes in the display and more. Oppo’s newest solution is something else entirely. It’s what the company calls the world’s first under-screen selfie camera.

Oppo demonstrated its under-screen camera technology at the MWC Shanghai trade show this week. The company has also provided more information about just how this system works.

To ensure that the light gets through to the camera that’s under the display itself, Oppo has used a custom transparent material that works in tandem with a redesigned pixel structure. The sensor also has a wider aperture lens compared to other selfie cameras. The area of the display on top of the camera does retain touch control but it will present its own set of problems nonetheless.

Oppo acknowledges that this implementation reduces photo image quality in addition to causing other problems like glare and haze. Oppo says that it has created special algorithms that work with the hardware to counter these issues, adding that the selfie quality from the camera will be at par with mainstream smartphones.

The company says that it will be shipping this technology on a commercial handset “in the near future.”

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