Ever since the beginning of the internet, for the most part, browsers used to surf the web have been mostly free. This is because some companies such as Apple and Microsoft already bundle browsers with their computers, so it doesn’t really make sense for third-party browsers to charge money for their use.

However, Mozilla looks like they want to challenge that status quo because, during an interview with German media outlet T3N, the company’s CEO has revealed that a paid version of its Firefox browser could be launching this fall. Now, we should point out that this paid version of Firefox does not mean that you will need to start paying to use it.

According to the company’s CEO who wanted to clarify the issue of a paid version of Firefox, “So, what we want to clarify is that there is no plan to charge money for things that are now free. So we will roll out a subscription service and offer a premium level. And the plan is to introduce the first one this year, towards fall. We aim for October.”

Instead, this can be seen as a more “premium” or “pro” version of the Firefox browser that some individuals or companies might have the need for and wouldn’t mind paying for it. This is because Mozilla intends to introduce features such as a VPN and secure cloud storage as part of this paid version of Firefox.

This means that if you don’t need a VPN or secure cloud storage, or maybe you’re already subscribed to your own VPN and cloud storage service, then you can keep using Firefox for free. There is no word on pricing just yet, but we expect more details will be revealed as the launch gets closer.

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