The tiny Palm phone was originally launched as a companion device that was meant to be used alongside your normal smartphone. However, Verizon eventually started selling it standalone for $350 a few months later. The handset is now getting an unlocked version which Palm will now be selling to customers directly.

The idea was to limit the time that people spend on their regular smartphones. They could carry this tiny device and still be connected as it would share their phone number. However, it did away with all of the apps that many of us waste quite a lot of time on every day. The Palm phone only has a 3.3 inch display and is actually a full-fledged Android phone but that small display will take the joy out of using for anything beyond the essentials.

Those who have been interested in getting one without getting a carrier version can now get the Palm phone unlocked. The device still costs $350 and it’s compatible with carriers like T-Mobile and AT&T. You could actually get quite a decent smartphone for the same price, take Samsung’s new Galaxy A50 for example.

However, the premise behind this device is to have something that keeps the temptations of modern smartphones at bay. Whether or not outsourcing self-control to a $350 tiny smartphone is worth it is another matter altogether.

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