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Palm Phone Gets An Unlocked Model That's Being Sold Directly
The tiny Palm phone was originally launched as a companion device that was meant to be used alongside your normal smartphone. However, Verizon eventually started selling it standalone for $350 a few months later. The handset is now getting an unlocked version which Palm will now be selling to customers directly.

Blind Smartphone Camera Test Yields Very Surprising Results
When you think of smartphone cameras that are supposed to be good, you might think of brands such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei, and more recently even Google is giving these companies a run for their money. This means that in theory in a blind test, it should be pretty clear who the winners are, right?

New Palm Phone Details Officially Revealed
It was reported earlier this year that TCL will be reviving the Palm brand by launching a new Android-powered smartphone. An image of this device leaked online a couple of months back and now it’s finally official. The first Palm phone has been officially announced today. It’s actually made by a San Francisco-based startup that acquired the rights to the Palm name from TCL in 2017.

Renders Of Palm’s New Android Smartphone Leaked
For the younger generation who grew up in an era where companies like Apple and Samsung were the face of smartphones, you might not have realized that before Apple and Samsung, there were brands like Palm who were creating smartphones of their own back in the day (although admittedly the market probably wasn’t ready for such devices yet).


Verizon Could Launch Palm-Branded Smartphones Later This Year
Before Apple, Samsung, LG, and so on, there were brands like Palm and HP who made what could be considered as smartphones back then. However very clearly these brands did not survive the coming of the smartphone era, although it looks like at least one of them will be staging a comeback.

Verizon To Launch Palm Smartphone This Year
Some of you may have already forgotten that there was a time when Palm handhelds used to be a big thing. The industry has progressed significantly since but it seems that the brand will be brought back once again to the mobile market. TCL, the Chinese company that’s making BlackBerry-branded handsets, said last year that it would start selling Palm-branded smartphones in 2018. According to a new report, the first […]

TCL Will Be Unveiling New Palm-Branded Devices In 2018
It has been many, many years since we last heard about the Palm brand, especially since HP acquired the company way back in 2010. However it seems that Palm will be making a comeback in 2018, thanks to TCL who acquired the several years ago (who also holds the license to make BlackBerry smartphones).

Palm Brand Purchased By TCL, Revival In The Works
Remember the Palm brand that was bought by HP a while back? We’re sure many had thought that the brand would be been killed off for good, or at least fade quietly into the pages of tech history, but a rumor from last week had suggested that the brand could be brought back by Alcatel OneTouch.Well it looks like the rumors were semi-true as TCL has recently confirmed that they […]

Palm Brand Could Be Revived By Alcatel Onetouch [Rumor]
While Palm used to be a pretty big name back in the day, we haven’t really heard much about the company ever since HP bought its patents and tried to launch webOS-based devices, but could Palm be getting a resurrection? Well according to reports, there is a good chance we could be looking at the revival of the brand.According to the folks at Android Central, Alcatel Onetouch has reportedly purchased […]

Qualcomm Buys Palm and IPAQ Patents
Qualcomm has just announced that it is buying the Palm and IPAQ portfolios of patents from HP which represent a combined 2400 patents, some of which have been granted, while others are still in the application process. Qualcomm did not elaborate on the motivation behind this purchase, but the language of the press release hints to an acquisition that aims at strengthening Qualcomm’s portfolio of patents, rather than aimed at […]

LG Acquires webOS From HP For Use In Smart TVs
[MWC 2013] LG has been looking into using webOS on its brand of Smart TVs since this past October, and it looks like the company likes what it saw as it’s announcing it is acquiring the platform to be used in its Smart TVs.LG acquiring webOS from HP means they’ll obtain the source code for the OS, its related documents, engineering talent and all websites related to webOS. LG will also […]

Oracle considered buying RIM or Palm at some point
Oracle is definitely not the first company that comes to mind when you think about smartphones, but it seems that at one point in time they were close to changing that perception. According to Oracle’s CEO Larry Ellison, the company did at one point consider building a smartphone of its own and had RIM and Palm in its sights as potential acquisitions. However as it turns out, RIM was too […]

Rubinstein bids HP goodbye
Jon Rubinstein is a name that is famous among the consumer electronics industry, where he is famously known for developing the original iPod for Apple as well as being the CEO behind Palm, where we did see him in action before as he took to the stage at CES 2009 and 2010 to introduce new phones and products for the Palm market. Well, all good things come to and end, […]

webOS 2.2.4 update rolling out to Pre 2 phones
Even though HP has decided to stop producing webOS devices, it looks like the company is still going to fully support the operating system (though for how long we can’t say). It has been reported that Pre 2 owners have started receiving a new webOS update from HP. The update brings the phone’s operating system up to webOS 2.2.4 and includes a number of upgrades as well.It introduces Skype voice […]

WebOS write-off costs HP $3.3B
In today’s earning call from HP, the world has learned that HP has spent $3.3 Billion to write off things related to Palm and WebOS. This comes less than two years after HP spent $1.2 Billion to acquire Palm in the first place. Overall, this probably put the losses related to Palm a bit over $5B.

Palm Pre-iPhone hybrid spotted
What happens when you cross the now defunct Palm with their more recent smartphones with the Apple iPhone? I suppose it would be something like what you are looking at above – it somewhat resembles the Palm Pre, although it rings just like an iPhone when there is an incoming call. When that happens, the handset will switch over to the standard webOS interface on AT&T’s network. No idea on […]

Palm Stores closed for good
Somehow, I cannot but help think that what HP is doing to Palm and webOS is similar to what Xerxes of Persia threatened King Leonidas in the movie “300”, where the very memory of Sparta itself will be erased from earth. Well, why do my thoughts move in that direction? It seems that HP held a bargain blitz clear out and shut down their Palm stores for good.To see Palm […]

HP decides on Palm and webOS future this week
I’m not quite sure what the game plan HP had in mind when they purchased Palm some time ago, but it seems as though that is one plan that had fallen apart at the seams. The HP TouchPad did receive some buzz when it was introduced, but then again the tablet’s sales were stopped barely a month into its release. Signs point towards HP deciding on the future of Palm […]

HP TouchPad Review - With Our Deepest Condolences
HP TouchPad Review - It may look strange to post a review of a dead product, but, hell, it was almost finished when the news broke, and it might make a great digital obituary

HP Terminates WebOS Devices
In the wake of slow sales of WebOS devices, HP has announced that it is terminating its line of WebOS devices, which includes the TouchPad Tablet and the smartphones. HP has announced this as it revealed its quarterly revenue of $32.2 Billion, up slightly when compared to last year.If there’s one thing to take away from this announcement, it is this: competing in the hardware space is extremely tough and […]