When it comes to sound-proofing, there are materials out there that can help dampen sound and prevent it from leaking out of a room. However, it seems that thanks to the work by a group of researchers over at the Boston University, they have managed to create a shape that can apparently block out all sound.

This shape was designed using math where it was created in such a way that certain frequencies passing through the air will actually reflect back towards their source. This works differently compared to traditional sound absorption designs, where they will take sound and turn the vibrations into heat.

However, as you can see in the video above, what makes this particular design so special and unique is the fact that it is completely open, meaning that you would think that in theory sound could pass through it, but it can’t. So what does this discovery mean? Are there any practical uses for it?

Some potential applications for it could be in architecture, where they could be stacked up on each other to create soundproof walls. It could also be used for drones, vehicles, or medical equipment where their sound could potentially be eliminated. Of course, whether or not we will actually see it applied in real-life remains to be seen, but it is an intriguing concept nonetheless.

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