While games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band might not be as popular as it once was back in the day, it seems that games such as the Just Dance franchise are still going on strong. In fact, if you’d like to groove along to the latest songs and check out new features, you’ll be pleased to learn that Ubisoft has since announced the latest installment in the franchise: Just Dance 2020.

According to Ubisoft, “Just Dance 2020 celebrates a decade of bringing people together with exciting new content! Team up with friends for more fun in our Co-op mode, returning to the Just Dance franchise for Just Dance 2020. Co-op mode brings players together to combine scores and rule the dancefloor! Exercise while having fun with the Sweat Mode! Track your calories burned, time spent dancing, and keep yourself motivated with our dedicated sweat playlists.”

Some of the new features of the game include a Kids Mode. This will allow kids to enjoy the game with specially-curated tracks that are kids appropriate. Of course, there is no stopping kids from enjoying the more “adult” songs, but if you’re a parent and would like to avoid any potentially inappropriate songs, this could be a feature to check out.

The game will be set for a release on the 5th of November for the Nintendo Switch and oddly enough, the Wii. Yup, you read that right, the Wii, and not the Wii U.

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