Amusement park rides these days are becoming more creative and daring than ever, which is why it wasn’t that hard to believe a viral video that has been making its rounds. For those unfamiliar, there was a recent video showing a ride at an amusement park in Seoul, South Korea dubbed the Gyro Drop.


The ride is similar to other rides where it takes riders to the top before dropping them down at really fast speeds. However, in this video, it shows how the tower of the ride can extend to nearly twice its original height, before it drops its rides like a yo-yo and then starts spinning them around at vomit-inducing speeds. Thrill-seekers were pleased, no doubt, but unfortunately, it turns out that the video is fake.

While the ride itself is real, the rest of the video isn’t. The ride does not actually extend upwards and neither does it drop its riders and spins them around. This shows a huge problem with the things we see on the internet these days, where what we see might not always be real. Where thanks to advancements in technology and AI, people have managed to create very realistic-looking photos and videos of other people.

The good news is that there are companies such as Adobe have taken steps to try and make it easier to detect when photos have been manipulated. In any case, you can check out the video above to see the viral video that has been making its rounds, and the video below which shows the actual ride.

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