Amazon has launched all manner of hardware products over the past few years but a mobile home robot has not been one of them. There have been a few reports in the past about such a product being in development over at the company. A new report mentions that Amazon is still working on a wheeled home robot which would quite understandably feature its Alexa personal assistant as well.


Bloomberg reports that this mobile home robot will essentially be something like a mobile version of Alexa which will follow users around their home. The report doesn’t provide any additional details about this product but highlights that Amazon is still very keen on making this product.

It apparently wanted to launch the mobile robot this year but it just wasn’t ready for mass production. Amazon has reportedly pulled engineers from other projects to work on the mobile robot, prototypes of which are said to be waist-high and being able to navigate with an array of computer-vision cameras.

Amazon is also said to be working on a new high-end version of the Echo smart speaker that could be launched last year. The new cylindrical speaker will be wider than existing Echo products so that more components can be fit inside it in order to provide a better listening experience overall.

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