What was supposed to be the company’s best-selling jet to date has ended up being an ongoing situation for Boeing. There were two fatal crashes of the new Boeing 737 Max merely five months apart after which the entire fleet was grounded and an investigation revealed problems with the MCAS system. Boeing has now said that it’s setting up a $100 million fund for the families of the crash victims.


The MCAS system is basically software that’s designed to prevent this airplane from stalling. However, Boeing apparently didn’t properly tell airlines or their pilots about this system in order to save time and money.

The subsequent investigation revealed that the MCAS was only relying on data from a single external sensor on the plane and that there was no way to find out if the sensor had been damaged or just feeding inaccurate information. Consequently, pilots in both crashes ended up fighting a safety system that they didn’t was engaged automatically.

Boeing has announced a $100 million fund to address the family and community needs of those who perished in the Lion Air Flight 610 and Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 crashes, both operated on a 737 Max. “These funds will support education, hardship and living expenses for impacted families, community programs, and economic development in impacted communities. Boeing will partner with local governments and non-profit organizations to address these needs. This initial investment will be made over multiple years,” it said.

Boeing is also giving its employees to make donations in support of the families and communities that have been impacted by these accidents. The company will match those employee donations through December 21st, 2019.

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