Banks hold a lot of sensitive information about us, such as our money, where it comes from, who it’s being sent to, our home addresses, credit card numbers, contact information, and so on. This means that should such data ever get out, it could spell big trouble for both the bank and their customers.

Unfortunately, if you have an account with Capital One, it seems that you might need to start paying very close attention to your bank and its activities. This is because the bank has recently disclosed a massive data breach that took place earlier this year, where the person behind the attack managed to exploit a configuration vulnerability that allowed them to not only access but also decrypt customer data.

According to the bank, “Capital One immediately fixed the configuration vulnerability that this individual exploited and promptly began working with federal law enforcement. The FBI has arrested the person responsible and that person is in custody. Based on our analysis to date, we believe it is unlikely that the information was used for fraud or disseminated by this individual. However, we will continue to investigate.”

The bank also goes on to reassure its customers that despite the fact that customer data was accessed, more sensitive information such as credit card account numbers or login credentials were compromised. However, it’s probably still a good idea to change your passwords to something a bit stronger and to also keep an eye on your bank activity to ensure that nothing suspect takes place.

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