One of the benefits of using the same browser across multiple devices is that you usually will be able to sync your data across it. Google’s Chrome is a perfect example where if you sign into the browser using the same account, you can sync information like browser history, bookmarks, autofill forms, and so on.


However, if you’d rather not sign into Chrome but still want some of the benefits of a synched browser, you might be in luck. Google has recently announced some changes to Chrome in which even if you do not sync your browsers, as long as you’re signed into a Google account in the browser, you can get features like autofill for credit card information.

This means that instead of pulling out your credit card to fill out an online purchase form, you can opt to have Chrome fill it in for you. According to Google, “When you’re signed into Chrome on your laptop, you’ll be able to use payment methods previously saved to your Google Account to fill in checkout forms. And you can use this feature without having to turn on Chrome sync. You’ll also be able to use the payment info you’ve saved in your Google Account across your devices in Chrome where you’re signed in, and wherever Google Pay is accepted.”

For those worried about safety, don’t worry because you still need to enter your card’s CVC number to proceed and complete the purchase. This means that even if you forget to sign out of your browser, other users won’t be able to use your credit card information to make purchases without your consent.

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