Do you have a habit of watching Netflix at work? While it’s not something that’s recommended lest your boss finds out and you get in trouble of slacking off, but for those who do, there’s a genius new Chrome extension now which will disguise your Netflix stream as part of a Hangouts chat. So it would appear at first glance that you’re merely in a hangouts call with multiple people.


The Netflix Hangout’s Chrome extension will basically bring up a fake four person Hangouts video call at the press of a button. So you can then easily watch your Netflix show in the bottom right feed while the top three are filled with what appear to be genuine participants of a group video call.

It’s simple yet the idea is well executed enough that you just might be able to pass it off. Unless people around you are fans of the same Netflix shows and they catch a glimpse of whatever you’re watching and figure out what you’re really up to.

So you can get the extension starting today but do keep in mind that you use it to your own peril. Nobody is going to take any responsibility if you get fired for finding an ingenious way to slack off at work by watching Netflix.

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