Game streaming appears to be set to become a new method of gaming in the future, where we will be able to stream all kinds of games to our devices, thus eliminating compatibility issues and also hardware restrictions. Microsoft has such a service in the works known as Project xCloud, and it seems that the company is working on controllers that would be compatible with it.


As we said, the upside to game streaming is that gamers can play games on any device they want, including their phones. However, our mobile devices are hardly the most efficient due to the controls being vastly different, which is why Microsoft is working on creating an Xbox controller that will be compatible with mobile devices.

In a recently-discovered patent, Microsoft is exploring the idea of detachable controllers which would allow gamers to attach them to their mobile devices. The fact that they are detachable means that in theory, they would be compatible with devices of varying sizes, but they can also be combined and used as a regular-sized controller if gamers need.

That being said, this is only a patent which means that there’s no telling if Microsoft plans on making it a reality. However, given that companies such as Google have created specific controllers for their streaming services, it wouldn’t be surprising if Microsoft were to do the same as well.

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